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Pavé Cobble

Pavé Cobble

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These cheeses are delicious, Just slightly under our target weight at 180g 😀 

What Is Pavé Cobble

A sheeps cheese moulded into a truncated pyramid, the paste is springy and soft, becoming meltingly creamy with age.
With a light coating of ash, the geotrichum and glaucum moulds grow on the rind developing silvery grey rind at first, then becoming dominated by blues and greens.

On first taste, notes of sweet cream emerge, followed by nutty flavours and a slight lanolin gaminess that deepens the complexity with the age of the cheese.

Supreme Champion of the British Cheese Awards 2017.

Made with unpasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. 

Product Information

Milk: Sheep
Unpasteurised: Yes (Thermised)
Rennet: Vegetarian
Style: Soft
Weight: 200g



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